Internationalization and Localization

Internationalization is an important addition to any business strategy. We support your businesses and assist in choosing the appropriate internationalization methods and implement a successful approach, with one of our services.

For clients seeking to development international business opportunities we offer the following services:
Website Translation
We can implement multilingual versions of your site connect to a global audience while retaining your company’s vision and style. Delivering tailored translations in the required format, and even implementing it directly into your website.

Website Translation System
With our IT experts we will find the best method for internationalization of your web services. We will activate the internationalization “i10n” engine in your product or implement a custom CMS solution for continued internationalization.

Software and Service Localization
Beyond just translation, we localize your software and applications for a global audience. Suiting the unique needs of connecting your target audience to your chosen technology, we can implement solutions with localization services and software content including correctly following the standards and rules of the target region.

Multimedia Localization
We can assist you company to develop the optimal localization strategy for entering a new market with digital good or using digital marketing including translation and localization of documents, videos, and other multimedia content. We offer services such as subtitling, voiceover translation, video transcription and captioning, and can implement these standards into files or streaming web media technologies such as flash or HTML 5.

We can assist in both the internationalization efforts including the technical implementation, and the translation itself with one or more of these services. Weather it is executing the entire process making your website or service translated and localized, full service including translation with a team of translation, working together with internal staff and translation partners to create a complete translation and localization packages, implementing a internationalized CMS with our IT expert to empower your business to continue future translation and localization efforts, or assisting your company to develop the optimal localization strategy for entering a new market with digital good or using digital marketing; We have a solution for your business.