Business Intelligence Platform

The “Business Intelligence Platform” we developed is designed for big data structurization and presentation with real-time and backlogged analytics enabling informed Micro and Macro Strategic decisions, from data stores of organized and unstructured data-sets, putting data visualization into the cloud. Showing you how you can optimize and modernize your processes with easy-to-read, highly interactive data presentations to view and create ideally suited to keep messaging service providers and enterprise users fully informed on what is going on within and data-set, equipping them to troubleshoot faster and more accurately, to find and resolve potential issues before they arise and to make better strategic decisions.
he Business Intelligence Platform is constructed from state-of-the-art components especially designed to answer the challenge. It runs on powerful and extremely scalable server and storage systems and can handle hundreds of Gigabytes of log file records every day. The system parses the log files and other sources of raw information, to crunch the data and reduce and pre-processe the data it has extracted from them and writes the results into flexible databases.